Impossible Project Part 1

In this week in our Artt 2373, we have been advancing along in our journey through out doing our impossible projects. For my impossible project, I am doing a 3D jigsaw puzzle with a 3D image on top of it. How I started off was by looking at Thingiverse for some inspiration on how to build my own jigsaw puzzle. I made my pieces (on Tinkercad) into squares with their lengths and widths a number divisible by 3 (in this case 18) and I made the tabs(the circular part that sticks out of the puzzle) 1/3 of the length of the side(which is 6 in this case) and then I 3D printed out some pieces as an example to see if it worked or not. I designed four pieces but I only printed two just to see if they would fit. Unfortunately they did not fit together, so I had to go back to the drawing board and I kept on looking at the pieces that I had printed out previously and I soon figured out that the pieces that I had printed before had slightly smaller tabs than blanks(the blanks are the “holes” part of the jigsaw). I went back and designed the tabs to be a little bit smaller(I cut the size down from 6 to 5.5) and I printed 1 out and it ended fitting with one of the previous pieces so I count that as a success in my book.

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